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Entertainment industries are always the most interesting industry throughout the world. Filled with many challenges in performing entertainment the audience, the industry has a great responsible to meet people’s satisfaction from time to time. In South Africa, Multichoice is regarded as a leading video entertainment and video company with a respectable name. The company begins its path in the industry in 1986. Consisted of South African media Naspers and other media businesses, the company starts with a television company named M-Net. Now, the company has developed in producing entertainment channels and managing the subscriber of the channels, signal distribution, and cellphone operations. The company has been responsible for some well-known brands in the entertainment industry, such as DStv, GOtv, SuperSport, and many more. Along these time, the company highlights their three values (CARE, CONNECT, AND CREATE) to keep the audience, especially in South Africa, entertaining. The company also has an encouraging expectation to continue growing in providing more and more innovation ideas in entertainment industry. Now, in this year, the company gives a chance for South African citizen to know more about them throughout Multichoice career learnership. The learnership guarantees the applicants to get a friendly, vibrant, and informative atmosphere during the program because the Multichoice upholds these integrities to be their main traits.

Furthermore, Multichoice career learnership maintains to be educative and responsive for sharing the knowledge. This fact will give some advantage results after they have completed the program in the Leanership. They can experience the broadcasting world, study to be a creative individual, and learn about other promising traits of being the part of entertainment business. This leanership is certainly beneficial for the people who are passionate about the industry as they can learn the business from many perspectives. They can be the part of the pioneering people behind the screen and have an opportunity to create many connections to the entertainment industries around the world. The learnership gives the chance for the people to be more open-minded and creative to be bounded with the industry.

Now, you should stop dilly-dally and ready to take the chance. You can imagine that you can be the creator of those famous channels in the television and your creation will be watched by many people. This is definitely a precious treasure for you to make such legacy in the entertainment business, especially in South Africa. Capture the dream and be competitive for making your way in the entertainment with the Learnership. As your partner, Multichoice career learnership will give you more than a training to be a skilled person, but also encourage you to have a great personality.

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Also, as any other learnership, the applicants need to meet some requirements to apply the learnership. The applicants must be a legal South African citizen with a valid ID card. It is also vital that the applicants hold a Grade 12 certification and a diploma or degree for the applicable position. And since Multichoice career learnership highly related with the entertainment industry, it is more preferable if the applicants have a great skill in communication and are fluently in speaking English. These requirements are fundamental things to notice and the applicants must ensure that they fit to those qualifications so, they can be selected as the candidate for the learnership. Multichoice is a company which wants to stay ahead from the other media companies, so it is also favorable if the applicants are a quick-witted person who can study about some issues in the entertainment and be able to think a quick solution. Now, if you are ready to compete and join the path as the leader in entertainment business, let us assist you with our learnership.


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