De Beers Diamond Careers Learnership Opportunity

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Diamonds are the girl’s best friend, the song is introduced by Carol Channing in 1949. In the 1953, the song is even more popular because Marilyn Monroe has sung the song in the film version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The song has popularized the assumption about diamonds and women are even more attracted with the diamonds. De Beers is one of the companies that have boosted the expectation of women in having diamonds. The company has produced many products that have favored many diamond lovers. De Beers has been built by Cecil Rhodes, accompanied by Alfred Beit and N M Rothschild & Sons bank. From 1888 to present, De Beers has given new breath for the diamonds’ products. It has gained a status as the leading company in diamonds mining and production. De Beers is actively operated in many countries, including Canada, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. Now, the company has offered some young people in South Africa to know more about De Beers. The company unites with De Beers career learnership to give chances for the South Citizen to experience the life in working industry, especially related with the mining and diamonds. The learnership also assured the applicants to get the training and some skill development which can expand the abilities of the applicants to be people with powerful inner skill and outstanding working performance. The learnership is accompanied with some requirements that need to be observed by the applicants. First, the learnership is strictly aimed for South Africa citizens with valid IDs. Second, the applicant needs to have some certificate including Grade 12 Certificate or Matric Certificate; and in some special field, there are some required certificates. Check carefully information about it. Third, the learnership wants the applicants to have a skill in communication. For the applicants, you need to polish the communicating skill before applying the learnership. The learnership also requires the applicants to pass medical examination and has a good skill working individual and in a team. Thus, the applicants need to prepare themselves in facing the requirements. Remember, you gain what you sow; if you prepare well for the learnership, you can face the selection test without any difficulties.

De Beers career learnership is considered as one of the best learnership that can support to gain many experiences in working field. The learnership will teach you the basic in diamonds production. It can be related with the mining process, marketing, legal issues, business matter. The learnership has a huge knowledge in producing, distributing, and selling the diamonds products. Thus, for the people who have interested in the following matters, the learnership is the right choice for your career. It can build your foundation of knowledge in mining because one of the specializations is related in mining industry. For the applicants who want to know more about jewelry, the learnership is also offered you the knowledge of jewelry industry. In no time, you will know about the development of jewelry industry around the world. Well, it is certainly beneficial because jewelry, despite of its exclusive remark, is always be the industry that induced many people to attract of it. So, you can be relied on the industry and the learnership to give you a long path of promising future.

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De Beers career learnership clearly states its legacy throughout these years and keep producing the talented people in mining and jewelry industry. You can be the one and pave your own career in the way. So, do not be worry and be sure that the learnership can assist you to get you the career that you want. For furthermore information about De Beers career learnership, you can access it online and make sure that you get all the available information for the learnership.


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